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Sub-Troll 900 Instrument

Sub-Troll 900 - Trolling Instrument

The ST-900 gives you both speed and temperature where you need it most, at the lure. Moor has engineered this system to install easily on any downrigger, even while your boat is afloat. This patented system allows you to monitor the speed of the lure - not the speed of the boat. You know immediately if under water currents are affecting the lure's action.

The ST-900 consists of only three interacting parts. The display readout, the antenna, and the sending unit. The sending unit attaches to the downrigger cable and transmits a signal to the antenna mounted on the downrigger boom. From the antenna the signal is sent to the display through a cable. There is no physical contact between the sending unit and the display readout. The readout may be installed up to 25 feet from the downrigger.

The ST-900 is the only system available that does not require transducers or grounding rods. The ST-900 uses a radio signal for the transmission of information thus you eliminate bothersome problems associated with sonar type systems. #40098 -- $589.99. SALE $528.99

CAPW Instrument
CAPW - Apparent Wind & Digital Windspeed
  • Direction 10 degrees port to 10 degrees starboard
  • Liquid crystal windspeed display 0.0 to 99.9 knots
  • Single integrated mast unit with cable
  • 12 volt DC w/night light
#40123 -- $899.99
WSI Instrument

WSI - Windspeed

  • 0 to 60 knot range
  • Self-powered
  • Stand alone mast unit or combine with model API
  • 12 VDC for night light only
#40114 -- $469.99
U25K Instrument

U25K - Knotmeter

  • 0-10 knots (mph) scale
  • Self-powered
  • Simple 2-wire installation
  • Patented non-fouling turbo blade lower unit
  • With night light
#40111 -- $198.99
GTKL II Instrument

GTKL II - Dual Range Knotmeter - Log

  • 0-4 and 0-12 knots (mph) scale
  • Fully autoranging
  • High sensitivity
  • On dial LED range indicator
  • Electronic log reset - distance log to 9999.99
  • Patented non-fouling turbo blade lower unit
  • 12 volt DC w/night light
#40118 -- $289.99
LDC Instrument

LDC - Depth Sounder

  • Large Liquid Crystal Display
  • 3 to 200 feet range
  • 1/10 foot resolution
  • Variable shallow water alarm
  • Flush mount transducer
#40122 -- $369.99

Turbo Blade Impeller Wheel w/Shaft - for all MOOR Speed Transmitters

#40105 -- $33.99

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