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Captain Phab Marine Care Products
Captain PHAB Marine Care Products: Size Dowsar Item # Internet

Black Streak Remover

  • Quickly removes stains caused by water run-off
  • Suitable for gelcoat, aluminum, vinyl and painted surfaces
  • Excellent as a general purpose cleaner
710 mL 602201 $6.99

Drinking Water Freshener

  • Completely gets rid of musty, moldy, plastic and anti-freeze tastes
  • No chlorine - leaves no detectable after taste
225 g 12990 $6.79

Dry Teflon Lubricant

  • Goes on wet and dries clear
  • Dry form does not transfer to hands, clothing, sails - non staining
  • Sheds dust and dirt to minimize abrasive wear
312 g 12955 $9.29

Holding Tank Deodorizer

  • Unique dry powder mix neutralizes odors instantly
  • Ingredients are edible - 100% safe around children & pets
  • Aids and boosts biological action in septic systems & holding tanks
450 g 12994 $8.49

Holding Tank Treatment

  • Decomposes waste into odorless by-products
  • Prevents recurrence of foul odors
  • Lime fresh fragrance - green color
1 L 12954 $11.99

Mold & Mildew Preventative

  • Actually destroys mold and mildew spores before they can stain
  • Dormant when dry but reactivates when wet
  • Use on awnings, sails, cushions, tents, lockers, carpeting, and out-of-service refrigerators
710 mL 604221 $11.99

Non-Skid Deck Wash

  • Strong foaming action loosens and removes deep-seated dirt
  • Rinses thoroughly and brightens dull surfaces
  • Non-Phosphate and biodegradable
710 mL 602301 $7.99

Odor Stop

  • Odorless, water based and biodegradable
  • Used as an air or surface spray - no rinsing
  • Works on smoke, pet happenings, moth balls, human waste, skunk, petroleum fuels and much more
710 mL 112981 $11.99

One Shot Bilge Treatment

  • Decomposes and removes existing crud deposits
  • Bilge remains sweet-smelling and flushes quickly and easily
  • Prevents further scum accumulation and foul odors
710 mL 12975 $9.29


  • Reduces water line and fuel exhaust stains
  • Dries clear
  • Repels dust and water -- sprayed outdrives much easier to clean
312 g 100274 $9.29

Purge Tank Cleanser

  • Completely removes organic slime from fresh water tanks, the source of recurring bad tastes
  • Eliminates "rotten egg" smell from hot water heaters
  • Ensures good tasting water, ice cubes and beverages
450 g 12993 $11.99

Spider Control

  • Direct contact or contact with spray residue kills spiders
  • Extension spout included to reach into cracks and crevices where spiders hang out and lay eggs
  • Lasts for weeks
350 g 12966 $10.99

Stain & Odor Remover

  • Stubborn odors and stains converted completely into odorless non-toxic gases
  • Removes oils, greases, beverage stains, urine, blood or smoke
  • Water-based - biodegrades rapidly - pleasant scent
710 mL 12991 $11.49

Two-Step Teak Cleaner

  • Both steps are thickened to prevent damage and staining to nearby surfaces
  • Lower tendency of step one to "raise the grain"
  • Essentially fume free - useful in closed spaces or around sensitive instruments
500 mL 602601 $12.89

Ventilator & Vinyl Seat Paint

  • Remarkable clinging properties to vinyl and many other surfaces
  • Stretches and bends for durability
  • Chip and flake resistant
340 g 12961 $11.99

Zyme Zapper

  • Outstanding for removing stains and odors - decomposes oils, greases, pet soils, beverages, blood and decaying matter
  • Excellent for controlling mold and mildew
  • All natural action, water based, non-toxic, non polluting
1 L 12957 $11.99

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