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Tattoo 26

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Macgregor 26 under sail

  • Includes mainsail and trailer
  • 22 mph under power with the optional 50 hp outboard
  • Length: 25' 10"
  • Beam: 7' 9"
  • Draft, board up: 12"
  • Draft, board down: 5' 9"
  • Boat weight empty: 2550 lb.
  • Water ballast: 1150 lb.
  • Permanent ballast: 300 lb.
  • Built-in safety flotation
  • Cabin headroom 6'
  • Wheel steering
  • Enclosed head
  • Sleeps 6: 2 double and 2 single berths
  • Full Galley
  • Under 8' wide for legal trailering without special permits
  • Tow with standard cars
  • Floats in 12" of water
  • Launch and rig in 15 minutes
  • Storage for two 12 gallon fuel tanks

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Boat on Trailer
On the trailer at highway speed, you can visit great places that water bound boats will never see, and you can avoid the expense of in-the-water storage. Quick, stable and responsive, the revolutionary MacGregor 26 is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats. It is easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. It can be stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp, and rigged in just minutes.
Macgregor 26 Under Power
The MacGregor 26 offers high speed powering without compromising sailing performance. You can have the peace and quiet of sailing or the fun of powering around at 22 mph. Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety -- sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing or just having fun on the water.
Interior of 26
The weather tight cabin offers full standing headroom, and comfortable accommodations for family cruising. The large sofa seats and dinette seats can be used for conversational seating, or as comfortable berths. The galley is on the left. It has a sink, large counter space, and room for a stove. Behind the mirrored bulkhead there is a fully enclosed head compartment. A double berth is forward with an overhead hatch for good ventilation.
26 galley forward
This view shows the galley in the forward position. The counter height is the same as you will find in the average home kitchen. There is full standing headroom when working at the galley. There is a small rear seat behind the galley, and easy access to the big rear berth. The dinette seat back lifts out for access to the rear berth. The galley has its own water supply, room for an optional stove, and lots of storage.
26 galley rear
This is the galley in the rear position. In this position, the majority of the galley is still out in the main cabin so the stove and sink can be used. The galley can also be moved back another 12” to allow even more space in the cabin. The galley is mounted on a set of rails that are recessed into the seat. It is easy to move and can be locked in place at each of its 3 positions. The seat cushions are 5” thick and the seat backs are soft and comfortable.
26 Cockpit
The MacGregor 26 has a pedestal mounted steering wheel. The wheel steering is standard and takes up less room than a tiller. It is more natural to steer with a wheel than with a tiller and a lot more comfortable. It makes the boat a lot easier to sail. The seats have high backs, and we did a lot of engineering to make sure they are comfortable. The optional seat cushions add a lot to the comfort.
Macgregor 26 Flooded
Here is the boat full of water. The boat has built-in solid foam flotation to keep it afloat in the event of damage. It won't sail fast when fully flooded, but it beats swimming. Most competing boats do not offer this essential safety protection, and their heavy keels can pull them straight to the bottom. Don't get a boat without solid flotation!
Cutaway of the 26
This cutaway drawing shows the interior layout. The main feature of the interior is the galley that slides fore and aft and locks in 3 positions. In the forward position, there is excellent access to the rear double berth. With the galley in the mid position, there is a lot more room in the main cabin for seating and socializing. With the galley fully to the rear, the rear berth still makes a usable double, though access to the berth is restricted on the port side. The rear dinette seat back is removable for access to the rear berth from the starboard side.

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