Dowsar Marine Supplies 

Winterizing Checklist



_____ Install fuel stabilizer / biocide.

_____ Tune-up engine (plugs, wires, rotor, cap, etc.).

_____ Check steering, shift and throttle cables.

_____ Replace water pump impeller if worn.

_____ Change gear lube.

_____ Run, de-carbon and fog engine.

_____ Touchup nicks and scratches.

_____ Spray electrical connections and engine with corrosion guard.

Sterndrives / Inboards

_____ Check all belts and hoses.

_____ Change fuel and fuel water separator filters.

_____ Drain block, manifold, circulating pump and coolers.

_____ Fill block, manifold and circulating pump with antifreeze.

_____ Change oil filter and engine oil.

_____ Check / grease gimbal bearing, U-joints and coupler splines.

_____ Check / replace shift, drive shaft and exhaust bellows.

_____ Replace outdrive gasket sets.


_____ Grease engine.

_____ Check / replace fuel line and priming bulb.

_____ Top-off power trim fluid.

Boat Maintenance Checklist

_____ Clean boat hull.

_____ Wash topside decks.

_____ Drain water from head.

_____ Clean and treat teakwood steps, swim platforms, etc.

_____ Treat all vinyl, plastic windows and canvas tops.

_____ Place dehumidifier units and mildew control bags in boat.

_____ Remove all flammable materials (propane tanks, acetone, flares, etc.).

_____ Apply protective wax and polish.

_____ Cover boat for storage.


_____ Inspect for tears, wear and chafing.

_____ Check battens and batten pockets.

_____ Check all sail attachments.

_____ Send sails to Sailmaker if necessary.


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