Dowsar Marine Supplies 

Commissioning Checklist



_____ Do a general cleaning of hull, deck and topsides using a boat cleaner.

_____ Ensure that drains and scuppers are clear.

_____ Wax hull (wax topsides after boat is launched).

_____ Clean and oil cabin teakwood.

_____ Clean and treat topside teakwood, steps, swim platforms, etc.

_____ Check and lubricate steering, shift and throttle cables.

_____ Tune-up engine ( spark plugs, wires, rotor, cap, valve lash, etc. ).

Sterndrives / Inboards

_____ Check all belts and hoses.

_____ Inspect and change engine zincs.

_____ Check cooling system.

_____ Check transmission fluid.

_____ Inspect and clean backfire flame arrestor.

_____ Check bilge blower and its hoses / ducts for integrity / operation.


_____ Check prop for cracks, nicks, and bends.

_____ Inspect fuel tank for leaks.

_____ Lubricate and spray moveable parts.


_____ Check hull for scratches, gouges, etc. and repair.

_____ Inspect and replace hull zincs.

_____ Check integrity of swim platform and ladder.

_____ Inspect and test trim tabs.

_____ Check shaft, cutlass bearing, and strut.

_____ Check rudder and its fittings.

_____ Touchup antifouling paint or recoat if necessary.

Electrical Systems

_____ Check battery water level and add "Battery Conditioner".

_____ Charge batteries.

_____ Check terminals for corrosion -- clean and lubricate.

_____ Inspect all wiring for wear and chafe.

_____ Test all gauges for operability.

_____ Check shore power and charger.

_____ Check operation of all lighting fixtures.

_____ Check all electronics for proper operation.

_____ Inspect antennas and feedline. Replace worn or cracked cable.

Deck Fittings

_____ Check stanchions, pulpits and lifelines for integrity.

_____ Check ground tackle, lines, and fenders.

_____ Check chainplates and cleats.

_____ Inspect anchor windlass and lubricate if necessary.

_____ Clean and grease winches if necessary.

_____ Check and replace wiper blades if necessary.

Below Decks

_____ Check, test and lubricate seacocks.

_____ Check condition of hoses and clamps.

_____ Check bilge pumps for automatic and manual operation.

_____ Check for oil in bilges.

_____ Check limber holes and ensure they are clear of debris.

Safety Equipment

_____ Check sound signaling devices.

_____ Check distress signals and their expiration date.

_____ Check life jackets.

_____ Inspect life rings.

_____ Check fire extinguishers and recharge if necessary.

_____ Check operation of compass.

_____ Check navigation lights.

_____ Check and replace first aid supplies.

_____ Check bailer and hand pump.

Head System

_____ Check for smooth operation -- lubricate and deodorize.

Water System

_____ Flush water tank and shock with pool shock -- flush after a few days.

_____ Check water system and pump for leaks and proper operation.

_____ Check pressure in Accumulator tank.


_____ Fill propane tank.

_____ Check propane electric & manual valves.


_____ Check reefing points and reefing gear.

_____ Inspect bolt rope.

Mast and Rigging

_____ Check mast and spreaders for corrosion or damage.

_____ Inspect spreader boots and shrouds.

_____ Inspect rivets and screw connections for corrosion.

_____ Clean and lubricate sail track.

_____ Check rigging, turnbuckles and clevis pins for wear and corrosion.

_____ Inspect stays for fraying and "fish hooks" -- replace if necessary.

_____ Check forestay and backstay connections.

_____ Check and lubricate masthead fitting and pulleys.

_____ Check and lubricate roller furling.

_____ Check halyards and replace if necessary.


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